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Q: How do I book you?
A: Email or SMS me at least 6 hours in advance - much better if you contact me at least one day in advance. Best way is by email, giving me your name and details - when you want to meet and where.

Q: Can I book you at short notice?
A: Sorry, no. I study and work part-time. So I need at least 6 hours notice (much better one day notice) to clear my schedule so that I may concentrate on you and you only. :D

Q: What is your availability?
A: Due to classes and part time work, I prefer to meet from afternoon until late during weekdays, and from Saturday afternoon until Sunday afternoon.

Q: What can I expect during our meeting?
A: Discretion and my 100% attention. I love meeting kind, polite and clean gentlemen. I try and make you as comfortable and close to me as I can, so we can both enjoy pleasurable moments.

Q: The difference between a regular escort and me.
A: It's not WHAT I do, but HOW I do it. I always give my best. I don't have sex often, so when I do have sex . . . well, let's say I love GFE! PASSION, EYE CONTACT, TOUCH!

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